First Steps

The first thing you need to do before any project starts: make sure you’re solving the right problem. This means asking insightful and sometimes tough questions, and challenging your (often hidden) assumptions.

Your one chance to save money

Once a project is underway it is very difficult to reduce its cost.

More than half of technology projects run over budget by 43%, and poor communication and poor morale can add an estimated additional 20%.

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Benefits of Good Design

Successful technology projects do one thing – they enable your organization to change how it operates.

They provide beneficial outcomes because they enable you to become:
  1. more efficient (do the same job faster),
  2. more effective (deliver higher quality), or
  3. innovative (create new/unique products, services or processes)

A successful project is comprehensive yet focused. You need to design your project so it solves a well-understood problem and enables and encourages the specific changes you intend to make.

Getting the project foundation right

As a Technology Futures Analyst I will help you and your key team members understand emerging technologies and their potential impact on your organization.

I will work with you in the roles of Solutions Architect and Project Advisor to make sure your projects are built on a solid foundation. You will benefit by being able to:

    • make informed decisions to solve the specific problem you face
    • save money by bringing focus to the design and implementation of the project
    • communicate goals to key participants
    • understand and manage the impact the project will have on all the stakeholders
    • choose the best solution for your unique organizational ecosystem
    • integrate the inevitable changes and challenges that crop up during all projects