You know your business needs to change and
to exploit new technologies.


As a smart manager you know you need expert help in making these complicated and expensive decisions, as well as guidance in navigating your company’s human dynamics to ensure adoption of changes.  

Avoid the typical route to failure:

  • 70% of technology related projects fail to meet expectations. 18% fail completely.
  • On average, projects cost 40% more than projected — largely because the “people factors” are not anticipated and incorporated at the beginning stages of concept, design and planning.
  • The most common source of problems on projects is unaddressed people issues – not the technology.

Take the path to success:

You have one chance to save money – It’s at the beginning of a project – before the foundation has been poured. Only then can you can productively clarify requirements, challenge assumptions, assess risks, set priorities, simplify the design, set boundaries, and build an effective project team. 

I will work with you in these capacities:

  • Technology Futures Analyst – I will help you and your team get a handle on the disruptive emerging technologies that are over the horizon. I will help you anticipate how, where and when these technologies will impact you – so you will be positioned to deal with them. Learn more
  • Project Advisor I work with management, business and IT staff to build solid project teams that employ effective techniques so that stakeholders embrace the desired changes. Learn more
  • Solutions Architect – I can help you focus on solving the right problem and making the right decisions before you get stuck going down the wrong path.  Learn more

I work with a wide range of organizations, large and small, in areas including healthcare, high-tech, aerospace, education, pharmaceuticals, financial services and government.

Clients include: See more...